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The aims and objectives of “unity for Humanity” are:

1. To promote & help School going street children through school kits, bags, shoes & stationeries

2. To provide medical and other health support and assistance.

3. To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by Awareness programmes, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Essay Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposium, Cultural Programs, Press Conference and Seminars.

4. To offer prizes and to grant scholarships to the deserved ones.

5. To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped, blind, poor SC & STs, backward classes and other needy persons like vocational training in vocations of house hold industries, semi-skilled jobs for self-employment, and to provided food, clothing medical aid, transportation, libraries, laboratories, reading rooms, hostels etc. for every section of the society.

6. To provide and help to the physically handicapped people/ children in respect of artificial limbs and to give them vocational training of different skills to make them independent.

7. To establish and run orphanage centres, creches for the children and working women and hostels for working women.

8. To make efforts and recognize various kinds of programs relating to Family planning and to diffuse the useful knowledge about the medicines, equipment, methods used for family planning.

9. To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evil such as human trafficking, Dowry System, Wastage of Money in various functions, use of Wine / Smack & Child Labour.

10. To make adequate arrangements and rehabilitation centres for widows, old men & women, poor, beggars, handicapped and for mentally retarded persons for their social / civil upliftment.

11. To conduct training and research programmers for control of the pollution polluted diseases and to maintain/develop/ secure the Herbs, Forests, Environment, Species of Animal, Birds Wild Life, etc.

12. To make arrangements for mobile emergency van/ambulance for the victims of road accidents and also to provide assistance to the people for the emergency.


1. To promote & help School going street children through school kits, bags, shoes & stationeries

2. To promote literacy, cultural & other social activities by awareness programmes, cultural programmes, lectures & seminars.

3. To organize free medical camps, blood donations camps, eye donation camps etc. in village & urban areas.

4. To provide information & the medical advice to general public regarding vices of the society. (Like smack, cigarette/ biri smoking, alcohol, AIDS etc.)

5. To make awareness through posters, banners, street plays, stage shows, short films, documentaries etc. regarding various social issues.